Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Another day...

Boy, I'm just barely getting through the days anymore! I need a nap! Actually, it isn't too bad, but I've written up everything that I needed to and now I just need to go through my files. That's about it.

Mike is going to take all the managers out the last week, not sure where. On Monday. I kind of hate note telling anybody. Part of that, to be honest with myself, is I don't want anybody to think I just got laid off like some slacker. ;-) I chose to go. Unofficially, since official with HR you can't volunteer.


That house in Louisville is down to only $159K. AGH. I wish Tony could find out now whether or not he got that job. I also don't want to send off any resumes or anything either, since I don't know whether we're going to be moving or what. It's worse for him though, poor guy, since it would be his job and he wants it. He'd be really good for it. But I guess they aren't going to tell him until around the last week of the month. Feels like forever from now.

For his birthday he got...
  • Dish towels and laguile cheese knives - Lisa & co
  • DiSarrono and home brew book - Pam
  • Hard Rock Key West shot glass (we used to collect them) and Wusthof mezzaluna - Royce & Janet
  • Artsy cutting board - me
  • M&M wine - Betsy & Craig

I think that's it. Mom bought him some kind of easel that she's going to bring down at Thanksgiving. We invited Charles & Phyllis over too. Haven't seen them really in a while. I'm not sure if Royce & Janet are coming or not. Haven't gotten that menu together yet either.

Ugh. Thought or more things to fix on the house:

  • get rid of rusty shower curtain rod in master bath
  • replace counter top in guest bath?
  • fix flap in swimming pool
  • fix fence
  • fix fence gates, if possible

I'm sure there's more. There's always more.

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