Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Well, I voted

I did my civic duty and voted this morning, even carting a 19 page printout of all the constitutional amendments with me. It's ridiculous what they try to put through every year. 95% of the stuff just doesn't belong in the constitution at all.

I must screw with all of the demographics, since I don't vote along party lines. Heck, it's my party and I'll vote how I want to. Or rather, it's really NOT my party (any of them), so I'll darn well do whatever I want. Tony is more consistent. And I know he's right sometimes, but I just feel bad if I vote for someone that I plain don't like.

Of course, the problem being that I don't generally like any of them.

President was a tough one, but I'm sure whoever I voted for won't win. Maybe that's a complete cop out. But I'm just really deeply unhappy with this particular race. We really need more than a two party system, there just isn't really a viable third one out there.

For heaven's sake, I looked up a Veteran's Party Candidate in the Senate race and he was sounding fairly reasonable until I got a little farther down his bio and he started ranting about how no immigrants should be allowed in the country and that prisons should be moved to tropical islands ala Reality TV with prisoners just given "what they need to survive."

Where do these people come from anyway?

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