Friday, November 19, 2004

What am I, some kind of trustworthy person or something?

I had jury duty again yesterday and once again I was selected for a jury. Luckily, it was just a one day trial this time and not a murder one. I must have an honest face or something.

This one was for a solicitation of prostitution charge of all things. Against this poor 72 year old Chinese guy that barely spoke English at all. It was a travesty. They have him on tape, but all you can really hear him saying is "Home" as in, I want to go home you crazy lady, you're scaring me.

We found him not guilty.

Crazy things. The state should be apologizing to that poor guy.

Anyway. Let's see, other than that...Mike is going to announce to my team on 11/29 that I'm leaving. Then we're going to have our team lunch, though I guess at that point it will be a goodbye lunch...

I'm so full. We had our potluck today at work and I'm just stuffed like a turkey. I don't really have anything clever to say or any witty remarks...I'm just full and I need a nap.

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