Friday, November 12, 2004

Yeah, I do.

I love my husband. I don't think that's a crime. He makes me happy inside, like a warm and fuzziness that spreads through you like a good Scotch. Or even a bad one, for that matter. He's in Kentucky now. And I'm here. I'm weepy, but it isn't because I'm happy or I'm sad. Sometimes I'm just plain weepy. I can't explain it. It just happens, I think that's the thing that guys don't understand. Sometimes there is no cause and effect. Sometimes there just is. That's all there is to it.

Of course, it could be the wine. ;-)

What did we do before smiley faces, anyway? Before you could defuse text by a semi-colon, a dash and a right parenthesis?

I guess I wax silly at night when I am lonely. I wish Tony luck tomorrow. I hope he gets the job. Not for me, but for him. I think he needs this. He needs another windmill to tilt at. He needs another project, something else. Another battle to fight. You can't keep fighting the same battles over and over again and not winning. That's what I feel like I've been doing for years at my job and look where that's led me. Like I told Jeffy, stick a fork in me, I'm done. I'm not corporate. That's really Corporate with the capital C. Not corporate in the Heinlein Stranger in a Strange Land sense -- I'm not going to go metaphysical or anything. Some things are better left on this planet, not the next, or even the next one after that.

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