Thursday, December 09, 2004

That's all she wrote...

I turned over the last trappings of corporate America today -- my secure token, my laptop, my badge, my parking garage hang tag...It feels good, but also kind of strange. I've never not been working before...yeah, I know, I'll still be working, but I won't have an office that I go to or anything like that. I'll be accountable to no one but myself (what kind of taskmaster will I make, I wonder?).

Right now it just seems kind of like going on vacation, especially since I'll be leaving on that cruise on Saturday. It probably won't really hit me until January when the holidays are over and things will be "back to normal" or as normal as they'll ever be. I will definitely have to get myself onto a schedule so I don't wind up sleeping late or taking naps all day. ;-)

Besides the giant frog that the team gave me, the other managers all chipped in and got me a $100 gift certificate to the mall and a monstrously huge unabridged dictionary (to aid me in my writing career). It was really nice. I really didn't expect any of that. Other people are leaving, but I guess because I'm leaving on purpose as opposed to being shown the door, it's a little different. It makes me feel a little guilty though.

Tony is in Chicago. He left this morning to take part in their first annual Laser Tag team building exercise and to do the end of the year wrap up stuff. Still haven't heard about the job in Kentucky, other than her sending him a quick email that they "haven't forgotten him, but they've been real busy." ARGH. I don't know if it is a good sign or a bad one.

He won't be back until late on Friday and then I'm off on a cruise on Saturday. I get back on Thursday and then he might be going to New York for a one day trip to talk to S&P about some big project. Crazy time of year this is.

Well, I need to clean the house to get ready for Auntie Anna and Mom coming in. Everything's a wreck right now.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Going, going, gone...

Well, my last "real" day was actually pretty short. I had to do 1:1 with everyone and give the bad news to Jeremy that he was FMP'd (force management program -- what exactly is that supposed to mean, anyway? why can't they just say "laid off"). Then we went out to lunch and my team gave me a huge frog (matches my small dragon) from Bali Bay (Tony gave them a hint) and a necklace. It was really nice. Then I went from there to a happy hour with Mike and the other managers at the Bilmar Station (Kim: "What do you have?" Waitress: "We have beer and wine." "What kind of wine?" "Sutter Home" "I'll have beer, thanks.") I wound up having this humongous chocolate beer from Oregon. It was HUGE. Then I went from there to a happy hour Tony was having at The Green Iguana.

Okay, so maybe it was more of a happy day, rather than hour. Sake, beer, frou-frou drink...then we went to dinner at Cafe Alma and had a bottle of Murphy Goode Petit Verdot. Always a good meal there.

So I just have to go in for the mornings Mon, Tues, Wed. Mike wanted me to finish off at the Manager's staff meeting on Wed. I guess I'll shop in the afternoon ;-) Thursday Auntie Anna comes in and then Friday Mom & Watson...then Saturday we leave on the cruise.

I wish the lady up in Kentucky would PLEASE tell Tony whether he got the job or not. It's driving me crazy. I'm sure it is driving Tony more crazy. He did find another job that he's interested in in Houston...I'd rather go to Kentucky. Texas just doesn't appeal to me over much. Maybe it's ok, but if we're gonna move, I'd rather move somewhere in a different latitude.

I did work on my paintings today. I got the backgrounds done at least. I might have a buyer for the series if I get it all finished. Rose Marie. They're fun and simple, but kind of commercial-y. Bright colors, simple shapes. I'm going to do one with palm trees and a hammock and the other one maybe a city scape.

Other than that, trying to figure out whether I should incorporate or not for the freelance writing gig...I can actually get some money for being laid off from the company, but I have to "prove" I'm starting a business. I am, but it's a little hard to prove that you're writing a book... I gotta finish the book first. I have 2 years to use it at least. But I might go through the whole incorporation thing. Or prove it with invoices. I dunno. Sole Proprietorship would be easier.

Gonna go hang with Tony on the couch now.