Monday, January 03, 2005

Here's to the first day...

I'm officially onto my writing career now...just have to figure out how to type with nails. Never had 'em before. That's what leaving behind a stressful corporate job will do for you.

The cruise went well, though mom's new boyfriend really needs a hearing aid. It's a different kind of cruise experience when you go with a bunch of 60+ aunt taught me how to knit. I may be the only person who ever went on a cruise and learned how to knit. I've made a bunch of scarves now, though I've forgotten how to do the basic increase (need to go by a yarn/knitting store and have them show we how again).

Christmas was pretty quiet, since we'd bought one big present (that picture by William Grauer) for each other. Tony still spent too much, after he told me not to spend hardly anything, the silly cheat. We went to Charles & Phyllis' house for Christmas Eve dinner and then had Phyllis over at our place for Christmas, since Charles was visiting his mom. Royce and Janet were up in NC visiting some of the grand kids.

Then, kind-of-but-not-quite spur of the moment, we decided to go on up to Louisville and check it out as a) if Tony actually does get the job, it would be good to at least have seen the city before accepting it and b) we were able to swing by both his mom and sister's places in TN. That's my one real issue I think with possibly moving. It's a lot closer to his mom. Don't get me wrong, she's a nice person, but as soon as they get together they just snipe at each other. She knows how to push all of his buttons.

I did manage to clean off my desk today, though I've only done organizing and not any writing. I didn't get up until after 10. I've been having trouble sleeping at night...I wind up waking up around 3 or 4 and then lying there for hours and then finally going back to sleep. I swear I'm going to take a Tylenol PM like around 8:30 tonight. I did also renew my tag online and hound the Kamado people some more (grill should be here tomorrow!!!!).

But tomorrow, writing full bore. I have to figure out what my average word count per day is going to be and what my schedule should be. I'm thinking I should get up, go to the gym, write for an hour or two, do lunch, write some more and then do some housework-y type of thing. Somewhere in there I have to do some Web site work too...Knitting'll have to be a nighttime occupation.

It's just as well that I didn't get Sims 2....I really don't need anything to suck up any more of my time than I'm already spending wondering whether we're going to move or not...

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