Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The lists, the endless lists

I'm working my way down my list of things to do, but my list keeps getting bigger. Yesterday I packed up all the Christmas stuff, pulled out the oyster plants on the side of the house, packed up some books and DVDs, had a plumber come out and install the new faucet in the roman tub, set up appointments with pest control, air conditioning, and sod/mulch guys. Today I'm working on laundry and doing some more yard clean up. Oh, and finishing transcribing that darn Clive Barker interview. I'm almost there. There's just so much stuff going on.

We're going to have one last big bash and maybe even a bluegrass band (the whole moving to Kentucky thing, you know).

I feel kind of blah today though. Like I'm catching a cold, which is the last thing that I need. Urk.

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