Friday, January 07, 2005

Will we or won't we?

Wednesday, Tony had his big conversation with the head honcho in Geneva, Switzerland. The guy practically went and told him he had the job, but still no actual offer yet. Agh!

Even so, I had to go out and look at houses. ;-) I'm incurable. I found quite a few that I like in Old Louisville. I love those big old houses with the wood floors and the staircases.

I have been getting some actual work done as well. I re-sent out "Writing Advice from Writers" yesterday to a new market and today I got an e-mail back from the N2Arts editor that he needed articles on fine arts, voice and photography, so I wrote up a quick fine arts piece and sent it off. I've worked a bit on my book, though I've really got to get cracking more on that. It's an excuse, but this whole moving, not moving, new job, no new job thing is just got me all up in the air. I don't feel like I know whether I'm coming or going. Do I start packing? Do I sell my car (which I will miss dreadfully, but little red Mercedes convertibles really don't go in Kentucky)?

Anyway, I'm going to run and pick up the dry cleaning since the GE people are supposed to be here sometime between 1-5 today to look at all our flaked out appliances.

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