Thursday, February 17, 2005

Another query out...

Well, I sent another query out. This time it is for the piece I started called The $2000 Hamburger about our adventures in grilling. I was debating about sending it to a larger magazine, but decided (ok, chickened out a little) to send the query to Fiery Foods & Barbecue, a smaller outfit. I just don't have a lot of writing credits yet and I gotta start somewhere. Pay isn't too bad though (at least, not for my current situation): $250 to $350.

That gives me 5 currently out. I need to get 5 more out there. Might work on a query I'd started a while back but never sent for Organic Living. Also need to do the one Italy write up and see how those go. That doesn't pay overly much, but hey, it would be something.

I should also finish my resume up, since some places do ask for that. I've never quite finished it yet.

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