Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I'm not sure what it is today, but I'm almost completely unmotivated and tired. We even went to bed early last night and I got up kind of late this morning. I don't know what it is. I did accomplish a few things:
  • E-mailed all publishers to updated them on address
  • Wrote 2 book reviews, posted 2 news items, posted 2 excerpts on site
  • Returned key to apartment office
  • Cleaned off the desk (mostly)

I did come up with a goal as well -- try to have 10 queries/articles in the air at any given time. Sadly, right now I have just 4, so I've got to get 6 more going. I just can't do it today though. I need to just lay down and sleep for a while.

Next thing I think is to write up a review of the B&B in Ferrara Italy. There's a site that pays 50 Euros for write ups up to 750 words on places in Italy. I could churn out a few of those, but I'll start with one and see how they like it. Too bad all my notes on Italy are packed somewhere in the POD, but I'm sure I can find enough on that one place for now. I'm not sure what 50 Euros is in dollars anymore, but they should be quick little pieces and every bit counts.

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