Tuesday, March 29, 2005

And in other news...

Ok, might as well cover the "writing news" of my life...though I haven't been doing much because of the vicodin the doctor has me on. Well, much other than sleeping, that is.

But, I did hear back from Family Circle (no) and the Scriptorium (yes). And yesterday I sent out a query to the Courier Journal for an interview I did with Alex Flinn and I'm working today on a query to Teen People for "Bad Girls Rule."

Other than that, I've done interviews with Brent Hartinger and E. Lockhart for my site. And I'm thinking about e-mailing Brent about doing a profile of him for a magazine (provided, of course, I find a magazine to do it for).

I did decide that I probably need to concentrate on my strong point -- i.e. the stuff I've got a "name" in, rather than trying to break more into food & wine type of stuff. I mean, I've been writing about YA stuff for years, so at least I have some history and background there.

Right now I need to take a shower and get out of my pajamas (yes, it is almost 2 PM, but hey, with these meds, I slept until noon) and run down to the bookstore to buy some magazines. Media Bistro had a thing about how to pitch to Teen People, but it was from 2002, so I don't trust that the masthead has stayed the same.

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