Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Well, then.

I believe I've wasted fully half my day messing around with blog stuff for our joint blog The Pauley's Go to Louisville. I found some of the blogger hacks they post in the help forum and I implemented the one where you can toggle comments on and off (now, if someone would just post some...) and a thing to better manage archives. Maybe I'll do it on this one sometime too, but honestly, I don't think anyone reads it. Not sure if I care if anyone reads it. Anyone reading?

Got a letter back from Tampa Bay Magazine saying "Thanks, but we don't accept freelance work." Well...why do they put an address and say "send submissions here" in their magazine? Geez. So now I have to think of somewhere else to send the wine shop article.

Also got in a ton of books from HarperCollins, so I need to sort through those. If I could just get rid of this sinus headache...winter up north is starting to kill me. I think I'm just not used to whatever allergins (sp?) it is they've got up here. Whatever they are, they are doozies.

We did close on the house, thank goodness. It was a total mess, but now it is done! Yay! Of course, I'm still here in the apartment for now, but we're at least a few steps closer.

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