Tuesday, May 03, 2005

National Dinner Tour

This is the coolest thing I've seen today: Marc Horowitz's National Dinner Tour. This guy was working as a photographer's assistant for a Crate and Barrel photo shoot and he wrote "Dinner w/Marc" and his phone number on one of the blackboards. You know how sterile C&B rooms are - they look like people never live in them. I probably even got that catalog, since you can't get off their list once you are on it (though I do have to admit, with some chagrin, that I like some of their furniture, even though they are a big chain). Anyway, people started calling him and now he's doing a national dinner tour meeting with strangers. I love that.

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Kim said...

What a fun idea. There's soemthing about doing crazy things while you are not tied down with responsibilities that appeals to me. Maybe he'd take me and my three kids on a dinner tour too. Summer vacation is coming up :-)