Monday, May 09, 2005

A new project

So the unpacking thing is going along, albeit very slowly as I still can't bend forward. I've perfected bending backward and to the side, though it looks very funny. Dr. B said today I seem worse since my tumble down the stairs and she's setting up an MRI for me to make sure I don't have a disc problem. Keep your fingers crossed.

In writing news...I did a little work on my book (only about 200 words worth) and have another few pages wrapped up in my head. And a guy from Leapfrog Interactive (a local Louisville company) contacted me. He'd found my "about me" site somehow or other. And it looks like I'll be doing some web writing for them for Pepe Lopez, a tequila brand. I'm supposed to meet with their creative director tomorrow. Ugh. Which means driving to someplace I've never been. I'm horrible with directions. South? What's that? It sounds like a fun project though.

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