Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tag, I'm It...Childhood Memories

One Over-Caffeinated Mom was tagged by Susan Taylor Brown. And she in turn tagged me for this game (though I just realized, so I'm a few days late in replying - bad me!)

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Then add your memories.

Five things I miss from my childhood:
  1. My mother's eggrolls. No Chinese restaurant has anything that remotely compares to them.
  2. Going to the library once a month and taking home grocery bags full of books. Love the smell of a library and the absolute joy of wandering the stacks and discovering old friends like Pippi Longstocking or Mary Poppins (the real one, not the Disneyfied version).
  3. Walking by myself in the national forest that was right outside our house and trying to practice walking like an indian (not very successfully, I'm afraid).
  4. Peeling paint off of my bedroom door. This sounds really weird, but I had a door that had been painted white. It was kind of a pukey green underneath. Anyway, one day I noticed that a bit of it was peeling off. So I pulled it off. That led to more and more peeling until the door was a real patchwork of green and white. Kind of abstract art. I'd pull a little bit more off every day. It was relaxing in a weird kind of way, and I couldn't resist it any more than when you have to pull a scab off a skinned knee. Boy, was mom steamed when she finally discovered it.
  5. Being able to read in a moving car. Used to do it all the time. It makes me car sick now.

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Susan Taylor Brown said...

I remember peeling paint too! Mine was on the living room door. White on white on white with so many layers that it just wanted to flake off. I used to slide the edge under my fingernail and of course it would get stuck, hurt, I'd yelp and my grandmother would catch me and yell at me.

Susan Taylor Brown, passing through