Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Alrighty, here I am.

I made it intact through the family visit. Actually, it went pretty well. For all the details on what we did, see the Pauley's Go to Louisville blog. I'm not going to repeat all that stuff here. This is my more personal blog (and the one that none of my family really ever reads) so I'll be a little less circumspect here.

Everything did actually go pretty well. No big blow ups or scenes. Tony got pissy twice (once when he thought we were going to just the cafe at the antiques place and we wound up staying longer and once when no one was ready to eat yet and we had no plan). Watson smoked a ton and so did mom. That really bothers me. She'd quit for years and then starts dating him and now she's back as bad as she was. I get on her about it, but she's stubborn. I don't know how she can do it. My dad died from cancer he got from smoking. We had a hospital bed in our living room, for heaven's sake. I don't know how she can start smoking again. It's awful.

Watson is a nice enough guy, but besides hating the smoking, he's got a few other habits that bug me: a) he thinks it's funny to say derogatory things about women (ha, ha), b) he drinks tons of beer (well, actually, that's not so bad - we just imbibe wine), c) he can't hear a darn thing, and d) he thinks he knows everything (of course, this is kind of a typical guy trait). But mom seems happy, so I'm happy for her. And he does seem to really care about her.

Here's a picture of mom and Pam taken by me after 5 tries, using Pam's phone. I'm cell phone agnostic. Or allergic. They just don't like to work for me and Pam has the most complex phone I've ever seen.

Other than that, the only other downer for me is that Pam made me feel like a fat cow (not on purpose or anything, it was purely me). I was feeling pretty good about the 7 pounds that I'd lost, but she's looking better than she has in ages. Healthy. It's not a competition or anything, I just felt icky. It was like at work when it was me, skinny fit Denise and pretty Marnie. Not that I'm ugly. I'm just not at the weight I'd like to be at. Is anyone? Anyway, we took some pictures and I realized how round I'm looking. Hopefully I'll kick this back/leg problem soon and be able to start exercising again. The only thing I'm allowed to do right now is walk. And it has been so hot that I've done very little of that.

There was a funny picture with me and Grace though where I'm laughing and she looks like she's about to tear someone's head off. Isn't it funny? She loves to be petted, but she doesn't like being held. She looks huge...well, she is huge. She's my fat girl. But in this picture, she looks practically bigger than me. I've really got to find someone to fix my hair after what the last lady did. I either have Don King hair or helmut head.

Anyway, that's enough whining from me for one day. Tomorrow should hopefully be back to normal -- write a bit, work on the site a bit, nap for a bit... Though we do have a cook out at someone's house after Tony's work. Who in the world has a cook out on Tuesday? But anyway.

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