Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Back to normal? Normal, what's that?

Another late start of a day. I just can't shake the tiredness (or the sharp pain in my leg). I could totally go back to sleep right now. (Ack! I'm starting to think like my character! I don't normally say 'totally')

My goals today....try not to fall asleep, finish the classroom scene with Mina and Nathan, write up some reviews for the site and wash clothes. Desperately need to wash clothes or Tony's going to wind up going to work in shorts and t-shirts, a big no-no.

We've got that potluck cook-out thing tonight with Tony's work people. So I also need to remember to slap some makeup on and do something presentable with my hair. Another reason not to fall asleep again - bed head is only an in look if you're under 25. Or Rod Stewart.

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