Friday, July 29, 2005

It's Friday and I have clean windows

The Window Ninjas were here almost all day yesterday and now, alakabam! my windows are all clean. I should call them the Window Cleaning Fairies, but they were 5 kind of buff guys, so they might take offense at that. It's awesome to have clean windows. What a difference it makes. They even cleaned the ones in the attic on the third floor and in the basement. The ones in the basement had approximately 100 years of grit on them, so that was no easy task.

I'm up to 35,046. I've been moving kind of slow through this bit, the double date. I think I got it mapped out in my head last night, so hopefully I can get through it. I think I need to just let go a little and let it be okay for Mina to fall on her face some. We'll see. This will likely be one of the scenes I'll need to go back and tweak in revision.

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