Tuesday, July 12, 2005

No soapboxes today

It's a grey and rainy day here. I'm down in the parlor again (awake before 9 AM - wow!), all showered and prepared for the day, with the local 'interesting' radio station playing on our old-fashioned radio. There's a good chance that a nap is in my future.

I'm waiting for the UPS man again today, this time for a delivery of two pieces of china to add to my Grandmother's china that she passed down to me. A platter and a gravy boat, the better to use it for grand family dinners. I need to ask his name so I can stop calling him the UPS guy. Then I'll be all "oh, I'm just waiting for Mark" or hopefully he has an odd name like Humphrey. Don't worry anyone, he's not all that cute and I'm not looking for a pool boy. And he's married. We already talked about his wife.

Since I'm actually caught up on the site, my main goal today is to write. I do want to get some reviews done too, though. I've got a little stack of read-but-not-yet-reviewed books that I'd like to whittle down.

I almost forgot...I woke up this morning with a little snippet of poetry(?) or something running through my mind:

Welcome to the house of leaves
where just a gentle breeze
can bring the whole thing
tumbling down

The first line is from Poe (the singer, not Edgar A.). Just an odd little thing. I think there was more, but I don't remember now. Sometimes I dream poetry, sometimes full technicolor movies. There's another dream I need to write down some time, but I guess I'll let it stew in my mind for now. Heh. That's it. My brain is like soup.

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