Thursday, July 07, 2005

No TV for me

I was reading through some blogs (translation: I was avoiding cleaning the office) and came across some various stories about Natalee Holloway, discussions of U.S. press coverage, why Fox News is evil...etc., etc.

It all makes me glad that I really don't watch TV anymore.

We literally have only turned it on once since moving into the house, and that was just to check to make sure it was working. We're thinking about getting rid of our cable. We've just had too many other things to do: writing, reading, playing chess, eating family dinner, playing scrabble (geek alert), having company over, fixing up the house...

Not that I want to get completely out of touch (well, sometimes I do), I just don't want to be spoonfed the news. Not that the Internet sites are really much better - sometimes it seems like all news comes from the same source. But at least you have a chance to search around and find different view points, whether you agree with them or not.

And besides, most sitcoms nowadays are utter drivel. Whatever happened to good shows? Lordy, I sound like an old geezer, huh? "What's that you whippersnappers are watching these days?? Why, in my day, we had to trudge up hill three miles to even find a TV. And remotes! We didn't have no stinking remotes! But we had MASH! and Taxi!"

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