Wednesday, July 13, 2005

On the downhill slope...

I'm officially over the half way point and on the downward trudge: 25,209. I have less words to go than I've written. Yay!! Go, me! It's still going pretty good. The only problem I'm having is that I don't really like the Aubrey character, so I'm having trouble having Mina like him...she keeps wanting to criticize him, even though she is blinded by his Brad-Pitt-before-the-facial-hair-and-bad-haircut looks. Hopefully it will work out okay.

I started my morning off reading my regular blogs: Banality Fair (poor Joseph K. got in an accident), Secrets & Lies (Saundra's been bit by an old idea), One Over-Caffeinated Mom (good crit session, yay), Pam! (my sister, no update today, but hardly surprising since Mom should arrive at her house today, so she's probably busy wiping up dust and all the other little things that you never do except when Mom is coming to visit).

I'm feeling like quite a slacker. Saundra's post today said she's already written two books this year. I'm only half way through one...But I guess I'm still getting in the swing of things. And a bunch of writers like Cynthia Leitich Smith (hope I spelled her name right, I always mess up the e or i placement in the middle, but I'm too lazy to go look it up right now) blow me away. Not only do they write, but they obviously read blogs and newsletters and all kinds of things every day and blog about them as well AND attend conferences and critique groups and give talks and etc., etc., etc. And they all seem to have three kids. Some only two, but most seem to have three.

I have no idea how people do anything + have kids. When my sister visits with her three, I'm worn out in the first half hour. I can't keep up. They aren't bad kids or anything, they're just so there.

I have enough trouble keeping up with two demanding cats and getting a 1,000 words in a day inbetween laundry and running the dishwasher. See, I'm such a slacker. Okay, I do also run a website, but still. I should have like 3 books done by now! LOL, I'd be happy with one.

Of course, there's those other authors that say it takes them two years to write a book. Or ten. But they aren't writing YA generally. Those are those literary people.

Anyway...I'm going to mail off some books to my new kid's book reviewers, run to the bank, and run to the Dr. Then I'm going to settle in for a nice long rainy day writing session.

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