Monday, July 04, 2005

On a roll....

Yesterday was a pretty good writing day too. Up to 22,078 words, through the "turning" scene (decided on ceremonial with a little bit of humor as the way to go). And I fleshed out the outline some more. I'm really liking the characters. Not sure I'll get any writing done today, since we're having our neighbors over for barbecue -- we made some homemade sausage this morning and Tony's grilling them.

I'm so glad I started this novel instead of going back to Abigail and the Fairy Queen. Not that I think I was doing a horrible job on that, but it just didn't flow like this one is. I kept needing to change the plot because it started out as w-a-y too complex. This one has a relatively simple premise and it's just flowing. It's awesome. The first person thing is helping too. I'm just happy (!) with how my writing is going for once. Knock on wood. I don't want to jinx myself.

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