Thursday, July 21, 2005

A pretty good day

Up to 29,627, so I had a pretty good writing day. Got through the scene that was giving me a hard time + the entire next bit. Now I'm at the wishy-washy point in my outline. The kind of part where you might find a label like 'stuff happens' or something like that. I know what's going to happen at the end, but there's a few things in the middle I'm not completely sure of. But no matter. I'll get through it.

I also asked Jennifer today if she'd be a reader for me. I used to work with her and she's a great proofer/editor. Hopefully she won't mind the first person, present tense thing I've got going. I know it's not a normal one to use, but I think it is working.

So far, my acknowledgements section is:

Thank you to my wonderful husband for being supportive and giving me the chance to follow my dream (and kicking my butt when I wavered). Thanks also to Denise for the fashion advice and to Jennifer for her keen eye.

Or something cheesy like that.

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