Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Trends in YA Lit

There are definitely some new trends kicking off in YA lit:
  1. Guys with hair like brillo pads (10 Things to do Before I Die, Storky, and at least one other book I've read recently)
  2. Girls with hair that frizz in the heat (any book by Meg Cabot)
  3. Guys in high school dating older girls (Storky, Claws)

In all seriousness, it does seem like the diary format books have seen their hey-day. There are still some coming out (notably continuations of series), but nothing like before. Lots of 1st person books now. 3rd person seems scarce. The chick-lit trend continues, as does the mean girls trend. Some backlash from that = a small contingent of family-oriented, PG rated books (kind of nice to see). Interesting also to see the new crop of sci-fi stories, heavy on the inter-personal stuff and lighter on the science part.


Sometimes I feel like an introvert experiencing brief bouts of extrovert-ness. It's not that I don't like people, I just can't deal with anyone but Tony for long periods of time. They wear me out. B has been stopping by almost daily and it's getting to me a little bit. He's a real nice guy, and interesting, I just feel worn down by the effort of keeping up. Maybe it's just that I like quiet. He's pretty loud and expressive. Nothing intoverted or shy about him at all. Some of my favorite times are when it's just me and Tony sitting and reading together and not talking.

I suppose I just need to get over myself.

Starting today off with 22,100 words and a bunch of YA site stuff to review and approve: 15 authors, 215 books (!), and 25 reader reviews. And a long to-do list of household chores. Something's gotta slip and I'm thinking it'll be the laundry.

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