Thursday, July 07, 2005

Wasted time

Tony set an alarm for me this morning (I asked him to). It was supposed to be for 9 AM, but he accidentally set it for 9 PM (I e-mailed him and went 'what, you didn't think I'd wake up by then??). So I woke up at 10 AM. An hour gone. Little bit of computer time, then I had to go bring my car in because the check engine light has been coming on every now and then. Sat and waited there, falling asleep in the waiting room, for about 3 hours. With travel time, 4 hours gone.

So not a very productive day.

Right now I'd rather be asleep, but Tony is playing chess with Brian and I'm working on the site. I'm trying to work through the massive amount of new books submitted and I need to start the programming changes to support the Kid's Book section. I'm going to have two reviewers. More on that some other time. I think it will be good. Hopefully the new query I have to write won't be too complex. I'm really out of practice. Last time I had to make a DB related change, I couldn't remember whether I was supposed to use = or eq or something else. God help me if I need to do a join.

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