Wednesday, July 20, 2005


So much yesterday for not taking a nap. I don't know what's up with me. Ever since my leg started hurting again, I can't seem to stay awake. Maybe that's the body's response to pain. Dunno.

We went to Tony's work cookout thingy yesterday. It went pretty well. Everyone was nice. I ate way too much (but happily, according to the scale today, I didn't gain any weight). The crowd was a little older than I expected. There were only 2 people there younger than us and I'm sure they were feeling a little young. I guess it's because people tend to stay with one company here and not move around as much.

I'm up to just 27,123. Not sure why this scene is causing me so much grief. I just can't think of a real good way to do it and Ms. Tweeter (the English teacher in the book) keeps wanting to butt in. I just need to barrel right through it today. I'm going to go out on the porch and put in some wicker chair time. Maybe even bring some lemonade.

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