Friday, September 02, 2005

And the next up is...

I had to take my car in for another checkup. The check engine light had come on again. This time it was some air flow meter thing, happily covered by the warranty. Last time, I wasn't prepared for how long I had to wait (4 hours), so this time I took my laptop and some books to review. I only had to wait a bit over 2 hours this time, but I got 4 reviews done and even made some notes on another book.

I'm not sure what the best approach is here -- do I work next on a sequel to the book I just finished (Mina goes to France on an exchange program, but has mucho difficulty 'cause she doesn't actually speak French...) or do I start something new?

I've been thinking lately about something I'd started a ways back. It's more of an adult chick-lit type of piece with a Southern tilt to it. Kind of fun. Another first person, but not in present tense. Not sure how that works -- different genres -- do you use one agent or more? I guess I'll have to see....and of course, first I have to actually find an agent.

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