Monday, September 26, 2005

Banned Books Week

In celebration of this year's Banned Books week, Chris Crutcher has donated two prize packages (including a signed copy of The Sledding Hill) to me to give away on Young Adult Books Central. His books have come under a lot of challenges this year, along with other authors as varied as Robert Cormier, Dav Pilkey, Sonya Sones, and Walter Dean Myers.

I understand that some parents may want to restrict their children from reading certain books. That's their perogative. But I absolutely draw the line at banning a book (or anything, really) for all. That's just wrong. The few should NEVER control what the many should have access to. I'd be a little more eloquent if I weren't on all this medicine, but I hope the sentiment comes through. Censorship is wrong. Censorship is never the answer.

I'm tempted to order this year's ALA shirt for Banned Books Week. I love the quote on it.

Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak because a baby can't chew it. --Mark Twain

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Kim said...

That shirt is great. I think I need one!