Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ding Dong

Listening: Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, Nothing

Finished up all the copy for LeapFrog (yay!). Hopefully it will all work for them. There's a few parts that could really use some more detail, but I plain just don't have it.

There's nothing I hate more than nothing
Nothing keeps me up at night
I toss and turn over nothing
Nothing can cause a great big fight

Love that song. Always have. What I Am was their big hit and that one is fun too.

I have a lot to do today. Or rather, a lot of things I want to do. Not sure how much will actually get done.

Need to....
  • Paint bookshelves
  • Deposit Checks
  • Get hair cut (in desperate need - I've got a huge poofy thing going on and this ain't the eighties anymore)
  • Work on revisions
  • Swiffer all floors
  • Get all boxes to the basement (this sounds easy, but I'm talking a lot of boxes and a lot of them up on the third floor)

All kinds of other things, but if I get those things done, I'll be happy. Okay, if I get some of those things done, I'll be happy. If I actually get out of my nightgown, I'll be happy.

Keeping expectations manageable...

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