Saturday, September 17, 2005

Failure, thou name is mine

Listening: Market, Grand Prix 73

Argh. Or *sigh* I didn't do very well today with my goals. I did manage to get all the rebates mailed out (new linksys wireless G router [which had 3] and Kitchen Aid mixer) and talk to a guy about putting a security door on the basement and some other piddly stuff (like installing and re-installing Norton until the damn thing worked again, probably just because it was tired of all the fuss). But my desk is still kinda messy and my books are still unorganized.

Oh, and I did find a toaster that's all retro looking so I can retire my old one. And I dusted and fiddled around with the knick-knacks on the fireplace mantle in the office. Of course, that's only one fireplace out of 7, so I dunno that it counts as much. Like I said, sigh.

I may be living in sin
but I could never give in

That's from the Market song I'm listening to. I wasn't just fessing up to anything or whatnot.

Listening: Jazz Dub Crackers, Everybody Rock

This weekend we're going to try and hit at least some of the following: the Bourbon Festival in Bardstown, the Original "Real" Turtle Soup Festival in Highlands, The Ursuline Art Fair, and the Gaslight Festival. They sincerely believe in festivals up here. So, next time I post I might be snockered on bourbon or reeling from turtle soup. Who knows what they do to you at a gaslight festival.

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