Thursday, September 22, 2005

I think this is funny...

I just got the strangest spam I have ever gotten. I've thought that a lot, actually. Usually with one of the ones where they've randomly inserted bits of poetry and F. Scott Fitzgerald or Vanity Fair or something like that. But this, this is a beast of an entirely different color. I don't think I can even say anything that will add to the humor. One thing I do want to know -- what the heck kind of spam lists am I on???? So here it is:

This is a legitimate appeal for ladies only. If you are interested or if you want to unsuscribe email me at I'm an Italian guy, I live in Italy and my name is Maurizio. I live in Roma.

I'm sending this message to the people because I'm bored to live in Italy, I'm looking for a lady what could invite me in usa. I seek a millionaires american lady who desires a young guy for marriage.

I would love to find a wealthy lady who lives in one of the following places in usa or nearby:
1) "The treasure coast",I mean north east Broward County or east Palm
Beach county(FLORIDA)
2)Honolulu (Hawaii)
4)Las Vegas(nevada)
6)Jupiter,Stuart,Coral Springs,Jensen Beach,Boynton each,Deepwater,Hutchinson Island or Miami(Florida)

Considering that I like the mature women, I'd love to find a lady of 45-60yo age range. I'd love to find a gentle long haired lady who lives in a swimming pool house near the sea (as I like to swim) . I seek a lady without young or old children,a no smoker lady who could be widowed, separated, single , divorced. I would need a sugarmamma figure at the beginning .

I seek a bisexual woman that figures out of the years, looks young and feels young : it's not a problem if she's not beautiful because she should be beautiful inside and most of all ,she should desire a younger soulmate.(She could be overweight too) The thing I desire is to fix a serious stable relationship with a lady who gives me the opportunity to have a better life.

I have long black hair,my weight is 65 kilos (145 lbs) and my height is about 1.80 metres(5.11)... I'm no smoker /drinker and I'm good looking.

If you could be the kind of woman I'm looking for, write me soon please!!!!!!

Thank you very much for reading my letter . I think there must be a woman for me out there.


MAURIZIO PAOLI -Italy -(sent from

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Sarah said...

I just got this message today at work. I thought it was hysterical!! I agree, what the heck kind of spam lists am I on?