Monday, September 12, 2005

In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey

I was very peeved the other day and I keep debating about whether I need to write about it or not. I don't have much to write about in here about my writing life -- still letting the novel sit while some people read it over for me, still waiting on the research for the freelance project, unwilling to start on something else (though I could finish up a short story or two), so maybe I will.

I'm fairly easy-going. But, like my character Mina, I don't like it when people are rude or stupid. Last Wednesday, B came over. Tony was on a conference call with people he works with as they were setting up this year's fantasy football league. They do it every year. He was having a great time chatting back and forth with them. B didn't like this because a) it meant no one was paying attention to him and b) he wanted Tony's attention so he could get some letters of recommendation.

I told him it would be a while, who knows how long, but he was welcome to some wine or whatever. He fidgets for a while and then stage whispers, out of the blue, "I just can't understand it. How can someone be spending all this time on fantasy football when there are people dying in New Orleans?" He's got a little mou-face on when he says it. Tony didn't hear him and I didn't say anything because of the call. But it really annoyed me. After awhile, he left.

  1. He just insulted the people who's house he's sitting in, the same people who have been feeding him dinner somewhere between 3-5 days a week.
  2. Of all the gall...just the day before he'd been regaling us with tales of his weekend out on the town clubbing. I suppose clubbing is okay, but not fantasy football?
  3. Life goes on. If we stopped doing everything every time a disaster happened, we wouldn't be living at all.
  4. He has no idea what we have or have not done for the people in New Orleans. And I know he hasn't done anything. We have -- and I'm sending out another box of stuff today.

Anyway. Breathe.

Sorry. I had to vent somewhere. I haven't actually seen B since then (a rarity), and I'm glad I haven't. I might say something I regret.

I need to find someone local to hang out with. I'm not really good at friend relationships, in person anyway. Tony is my best friend. Even back in school (pre-college), I'd have friendships with girls, but they'd just end when they moved on (they were usually older than me, so bye-bye when they graduated). Most girls annoy me. I'm more guy-ish, but they're horrible for shopping (unless they're gay -- but clothes shopping still doesn't work out. Rich next door is great for antiquing though). My interests are kind of varied (quirky, at best) and don't generally seem to fall within the realm of girlish endeavors. But it can be hard to be best friends with a guy when you're married. Or not married.

Anyway, blah-de-blah-de-blah. My leg is somewhat better, so I'm going to go do some shopping by my little lonesome. Cat food, material, and pop tarts. Quite the list.

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