Friday, October 07, 2005

And then it was Friday

Listening: some radio station, some song going "Na, na, na, na"
Feeling: like someone beat the tar out of me and not finding any tar, decided to go for broke

So poor Tony had to sit through the Dr. sticking me with the 6 inch needle. And, in this case, I have employed no writerly exaggeration to the facts -- he can testify to it. It is, quite simply, the biggest darn needle I have ever seen. Lucky for me, I've only seen it hovering menacingly near me. Tony had to see him use it (while I was squeezing his hand to a pulp). I'm glad I can't see it after Tony explained what was going on. While my eyes are crossing in pain and sweat is literally popping out on my forehead (I'd always read that in books but didn't really understand it until now), the Dr. takes the monster needle, sticks it in and then...MOVES it around. Up and down, back and forth. Like stirring. Except there's no soup to stir, there's just me.

That explains the bruises, eh?

So, anywho, that also explains my absence from the blog since Wednesday. I've been in bed. Mostly 'cause we've got a house of stairs and when you can't really bend your knee, you're kind of stuck. And he also changed my pain pill to hydrocodone from tramadol (or whatever it was). Which makes me sleepier.

I'm so far behind on everything, but today, eh, whatever. I don't care. Or maybe that's the hydrocodone talking. Today I could at least somewhat bend my right leg, so I made it down to the 1st floor. Heh. After noon. Since I slept until then. *Sigh*

I took down two books with me to review, so I hope I get to them. I really need to. I have a stack of about 10 books that have been read but not reviewed. I just can't think sometimes.

At least the cats are happy. They are getting a ton of cuddle time. Look, mommy can't move! I call shotgun! Purr, Purr! Oh, wait, who's going to feed us?

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