Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Back to the Blues

Listening: John Lee Hooker, Roll N' Roll

Lawd, lawd, gotta love a good Blues song. John Lee Hooker is the best too. He's my kind of blues.

Today's shot day again. I'm going to pick Tony up from work so he can drive me back (and also have his hand squeezed to a pulp whilst I'm actually being all shot up). I wonder if he'll blanch at the 6 inch needle? I know I do. If I got any paler, people'd think my freckles were coming alive.

That made no sense.

Listening: Randy Newman, Lonely at the Top

Anyway. I'm going to deposit the checks RIGHT NOW before I lose them again. And I have a new goal (besides not losing checks anymore) -- all revisions finished before the end of August. Because November is NaNoWriMo month...and what's a goal if it isn't crazy?

Oh. And eating more poptarts.


Kim said...

Oh, yeah! I did NaNoWriMo last year ... for about the first two weeks. I'm hoping I do much better this year!

Kimberly Pauley said...

Yeah, me too. November is honestly about the worst month they could do it -- we're going to be traveling all aroud Thanksgiving. But who knows. Maybe I'll actually finish it this year.