Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Geez, what's my horoscope today?

Well, the day started with great promise. Planned items:
  • Tom coming by with his nephew to do some electrical work and get the heat thingy running in the basement (check),
  • guy coming to do fireplace inspection (check, albeit a bit late, but at least he had some good news),
  • guy coming to pick up furniture for repair (uncheck, have to reschedule for tomorrow 'cause they were too busy today after all),
  • vet coming to see to Harley and Grace (uncheck, they had it down as an office visit somehow),
  • meeting at Old Louisville Information Center at 7 PM about Historic Tax Credit (still scheduled, just hoping I'll be awake, I'm dead tired),
  • work on novel (check, made some progress),
  • work on stuff for Leapfrog (big uncheck, now one of the guys wants to write the copy himself. Sigh.),
  • pain pills (uncheck, not working real well today).

And so on. I shoulda just stayed in bed today. Oh, and forgot another one:

  • Making new curtain (check, but hold on, wait for it...)
  • Attaching fringe to curtain (uncheck, instead I had bobbin vomit)

And then there's the various issues with the various electrical projects. I won't even go into detail on those. I need a nap.

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