Friday, October 14, 2005


Listening: To the sorority girls partying next door
Feeling: Annoyed and tired

If the @#$#% girls would just keep their partying indoors late at night, they wouldn't be so annoying. Or if they didn't invite over beer-soaked, testosterone-high lunkheads who stand around outside going "Effing-this" and "Effing-that." Grrrr. All at the top of their lungs. Since I guess the people over on the NEXT BLOCK can't hear them. And it's Thursday, for heaven's sake.

The bad thing about living in the city. Actually, not the city. Next to a University.


I was evil mommy today. I snuck a bath in on Gracie before she knew what was happening. She was absolutely flabbergasted. I wish I had a picture of her face. She forgave me after I fed her, but boy was she upset. You'd think the world had ended by the look on her furry little face.

I'm going to go try and sleep again.

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