Wednesday, December 21, 2005

La, La, La, La

I got quite a bit done today. Erin came over and did the hard stuff (mopping, etc.) and I washed clothes, swept up stuff, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned the oven (really, it cleaned itself, but I did push the little button), did some computer stuff, and all kinds of little piddley household tasks. Got one drawer of my filing cabinet done and I'm about to tackle the rest now.

I'm not handy.

But, if I get it done, I can actually file things again! Yippeee!

I really shouldn't be so excited about getting filing done, eh?

Got a box of books from Scholastic and various other sources. I need to find a contact at Scholastic that will listen to me...they keep sending kid's books and I don't have time to review them. They do send some YA, but mostly kid's stuff. And then I either have to re-mail it to Kim P. or Terry. It's a pain. I have 2 entire shelves of Scholastic books for review. And 3 from all the various imprints of Random House. I'm getting buried. I have been reviewing more, and I've got a stack right now I need to post reviews on, but I can't keep up with all the ones I get. Not sure what to do. Esp. with all the new ones I'm getting from SCBWI authors. Maybe I'll have to add another YA reviewer. Dunno. I'd need them to be local though. Postage is breaking me! At least I can deduct it as a business expense, but still.

Anyway, in writing news...hooked up with a TN writer to do a manuscript swap. I want to go through another round of revisions. Thought of some other things I want to add to the book. That'll be January. Then off to more agents and start work on another book.

I did hear back from Rosemary S. She gave me a very nice rejection -- said it has a great comic voice, but she's more of the dark, gothicy vampire tale lover. My book is definitely not that. Haven't heard anything from the other two yet -- at least, I don't think so. My cell phone has been acting bi-polar.

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