Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So so so sleepy

I'm still sick. Bleck. And just plain tired all the time. If I get anything done, I feel like cheering, except that would take too much effort.

I have been getting a lot of reading done, though. That's one thing that doesn't take a lot of energy. And I did a lot of site planning.

Oh, and the winners of the Eldest contest have finally been announced (I was waiting until I got all the books in). Glad to have that done.

I'm not sure if I'll do a big giveaway-a-day thing at the end of this year. It was a lot of work and everyone was so frantic if I didn't post who the winners were first thing every day. And then I had computer trouble at the end of it...ugh.

I finally have my laptop back now and it is behaving. The pain is that they decided to reinstall the original software/operating system even though the problem was only hardware related -- JUST IN CASE. Just in case there might be any kind of software conflict. UGH. Which means I've been re-installing everything, which takes FOREVER. Thanks, Gateway. Next time, I'll not be checking the box to give them free reign over my PC. The buggers.

Right now, I think I'll be grabbing something to eat and then taking a nap...and then hopefully I'll get some more done tonight. Tony is in Toronto, so it's just me and the kitties.

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