Thursday, February 16, 2006

Things that piss me off

Yep, this one is going to be a non PC message. Things that annoy me. That make me mad. The big ones. The little ones. And yes, before you say anything, I am in a little bit of a bitchy mood (lucky Tony, he's not home, and no it isn't about him, just feeling that way generally). And yes, I know and acknowledge that generalizing large groups of people is not "right" or PC (but the PC police can go...well, I'm sure you can guess where they can go). Anyway.
  1. Rude people.
  2. Mean people. They really do suck.
  3. Sorority girls with their high pitched carry-for-a-mile voices and incessant giggling. This used to be just a dislike, but now, after living RIGHT NEXT DOOR to some Sorority girls from Hell, it is an active hate.
  4. Fraternity boys. Especially drunk ones. Actually, is there any other kind? Evidence would suggest no.
  5. When the kitties ignore me for no apparent reason.
  6. Dirt under my fingernails
  7. Books that exist for the sole purpose of trying to get you to NOT read a different book. "Huh?" you are saying to yourself. "That makes no sense." Yes! I know! But try telling that to the Christian fiction publishers that publish anti-wizardry tracts! Just because someone reads Harry Potter does not make them a satan worshipper! AGH!
  8. Narrowmindedness.
  9. Smarmy people. I do actually love the word smarmy and I can roll that one around on my tongue for hours, but smarmy, not so much.
  10. People who litter.
  11. People who are rude for absolutely no reason. And then I get mad at myself, because I freeze and can't think of a proper comeback until sometimes days later.
  12. The people who make spam. And viruses. Shoot them. All of them. Die, spammer, die!
  13. The whole Israeli/Palestinian conflict. All of it. Ditto the whole Danish prophet cartoon thing.
  14. And while we're on that...any person or persons who use religion as an excuse to do something to someone else. I don't even care if that something is a "good" thing. Does that make sense? It's late. Anyway.
  15. Interstitial advertisements online.
  16. When my Internet connection slows to a crawl for no reason.
  17. People who cut you off in traffic or, even worse, those people who pull into the right hand lane just long enough to jet past a bunch of other people. Hey, unless you are a) pregnant and actually delivering a baby or b) rushing to the hospital because some part of you is spurting blood ... WAIT YOUR TURN.
  18. What the Internet has done to punctuation and capitalization for an entire generation of people (of course, that's written as a fragment, but hey, it's in a list, so it is part of a series)
  19. Reporters who think that Cheney accidentally shooting someone, or Britney driving around with her baby in her lap are BIG NEWS.
  20. Movies that bill themselves as comedies or romances and then have some huge tragedy happen at the end. Think City of Angels.
  21. Reporters/News Organization that throw up HUGE coverage any time some blonde cheerleader-type is kidnapped or killed but seem to care less if they don't happen to be blonde or white or whatever.
  22. Political correctness. Politics. Pretty much anything to do with politics, other than The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (because he just kicks ass). Not that I can watch it since we canceled our cable, but still.
  23. When the wind blows a piece of hair in your eye and you can't get it out.
  24. Not being able to go to sleep even though you're really, really tired and can barely keep your eyes open.

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