Friday, March 03, 2006

Have fun storming the castle, boys!

Up, down. Abigail is going pretty well. I need to just clear off some space and maybe get away from my Internet connection. I keep distracting myself by working on the website. Today I added some forum stuff to the blog and to the site. The forum has picked up quite a bit since I announced the new giveaway (every 50 posts).

And e-mail...ugh. I have so many to answer! My to-do list is too long.

A lot of it is my own fault. If I have a day where I slack off, it just all builds up on me. Grr. But, I just cleaned out my inbox. :-) (by dumping all the emails into a TO-Do folder...)

I want to go to the big flea market today. It's about once a quarter and they have it at the Expo Center.

Dinner last night was good. My Shepherd's Pie came out really well. I've got another extra one for dinner tonight and then off to the airport to pick up Tony!

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