Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Marching on...

Listening: Morcheeba, Ambiant Lounge

It's March. How does that happen? Seriously.

Tony is off again to Chicago. Had to take him to the airport dark and early this morning. To me, it really isn't the next day until the sun has actually come up, but I guess that's just me.

Listening: Portishead, Glory Box

I went to the doctor, who said I'd be crazy (well, he didn't actually say crazy...he was more polite than that) to attempt the June biking trip across Bordeaux. Sigh. Maybe Vanessa will have some other ideas for her birthday. He thought I could maybe make it a day or two (the daily average is supposed to be 26 miles) and I'd probably set myself back 6 months or so. So no go.

Tomorrow I'm having either 2 or 6 people over for dinner. Not sure yet. I'm making Shepherd's Pie (actually cottage pie, since I'm using beef and not lamb, but hey). I guess I'll go to the store tomorrow to pick up the rest of what I need once Rich tells me whether they can make it or not (he's got a cousin coming in).

Mostly right now I'm really tired. But, I need to write. Write, Write, Write.

Oh, and pay bills. Drat.

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