Monday, March 13, 2006

Why don't you tell me something dangerously true...

--oh yeah, that looks much sexier on you
(more of a 90's reference)

Or...I've got a mind full of wicked designs...


When I first started taking the "evil" pill, I spent a good month feeling queasy. Now that I'm coming off it...same thing. Bleck.

On a good note, some of my bulbs are coming up! The daffodils are blooming! Flowers are great.

We actually went to the theater last night and saw a movie. Mrs. Henderson Presents. Pretty good. I love Judi Dench. She's got balls.

A few nights ago we saw another good movie -- Garden State by Zach Braff (who wrote it...directed it...acted in it). Really liked it. Some quirky, almost absurdist humor. I'm impressed. I'd write him a fan letter if I was at all that kind of person.


Saundra Mitchell said...

That's two in a row that I vaguely recognize (as having heard them before) but cannot place to save the life of me. Hopefully this failure of my pop culture defense system will make you feel better now that you're fighting the off-the-pill blahs. *hugs*

Kimberly Pauley said...

Hehe, I've stumped Saundra! That does make me feel a little better, in an I-don't-know-why kind of way.

The Sweet Peanut quote is actually from my favorite (well, one of) comics: Get Fuzzy.

As for's from Poe. Her CD Haunted, which I think you'd like. Especially the "Not a Virgin Anymore" song. It's awesome.

Saundra Mitchell said...

I've heard exactly one Poe song ("Hey Pretty") and I wouldn't have heard that if Bonibaru hadn't made an exquisite, kick-ass Smallville music vid to it... however, I really liked *that* song, so I'm willing to try out the CD on your word. WOOT, MOOZIX to add to my soundtracks, thankees!