Saturday, April 22, 2006


Apparently, there are a bunch of spammers out there who truly believe that I want to meet Russian school girls. And an even larger number that think I want to participate in or view this really nasty Japanese-inspired (figures) ritual. I'd explain what it was (I had to look it up after I got about 70 spams about it), but it's just too nasty to talk about.

I'm not sure if it is because my e-mail address is my YA Books Central they see the "adult" part of the "Young Adult Books" and assume some things...or what. I don't visit porn sites or anything. But I get at least 100 spams a day to this one email address and they break down to about 75% porn-ish and 25% phishing (especially spoofing Chase Bank). Some of the phishing ones are so pathetic. I don't know how anyone falls for those things. But, I guess people must, since I get so many of them.

Then there's the spam I get in my Yahoo account. I think I get about 1,000 a day there. I don't even check that bulk email folder anymore. Just let it delete after a while. It's ridiculous.

Anywho. I'm still in scanning hell, trying to get all of the slides scanned for the St. James Ct. Art Show so we can do the jurying. It wouldn't be so bad except that my printer keeps losing connection for no apparent reason and I lose however many it has scanned in memory -- since you can't set the flipping thing to save after every scan. Why?? Why??

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