Sunday, April 16, 2006


Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there
He wasn't there again today
Oh, how I wish he'd go away.

Perhaps misquoted; no one can seem to agree on the last line.

I'm feeling...blecky.

Writing has been almost nil...I've been too busy with "life" to get anything done. There's the St. James Ct. DB project I'm working on (er, make that "volunteering" can't really call it work unless you actually get paid). Then Tony's mom has more or less moved in with us. I had figured that was coming soon (she'd lost her job back in Nov), but it was still rather sudden and unexpected as it did happen. So I've been helping her job search, getting the resume together, finding interview clothes, etc.

What I really need to find is a cleaning person who will show up more than a few times. I can only mop about a room before my leg says "hey, man, no way" and in a house this, that just ain't enough.

I wish Heinlein were still alive.

I kind of feel like having a good big cry for no reason.

And I did get a kind of weird note from an agent today on that project I'd stopped working on because I just didn't "feel it" (Camilla vs. NYC -- I'd put it aside to go back to Abigail because Camilla was just feeling like some teenage snot that I didn't particularly like and she was the main character...). She didn't feel it either -- which I don't blame her in the least -- it was competent but just kind of there. But anyway, the kind of weird thing was that she says she really likes my writing but that it seems too commercial. I'm not exactly sure why that's a bad thing...unless she just means she'd like something more "out there"? Or...or, I don't know. She said that its saleable...but is that the way I want to start out my career?

At any rate, I really want to get back to working on Abigail. I just have to get all the artist applications for 3rd Street ready for jurying by the end of the week or so. That means scanning approximately 400ish slides to start with...

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daveconifer said...

Yeah, who would want to start a career with a saleable book? :)