Thursday, May 11, 2006

Do da doo dee da

Listening to Luxuriamusic. Sadly, it isn't a Lounge King night. But it's still good.

We got through the jurying, now I'm in the middle of entering apps into the system. Have gotten through Mixed Media 2D and 3D and Printmaking and am about to finish Sculpture. Mary did Jewelry and I just need to go back and fix a couple of things (she couldn't figure out edit) and Rich is working on Photography, Fiber, Clothing, and Wood (I think).

Next, after all the apps are in, enter in the Jury scores, then generate address lists and letters. Stuff envelopes.

I just ordered a Papa John's pizza. I was going to just eat leftovers, but that's what I had last night. And hey, we're where PJ's was born and I don't think we've had one since we moved here. And you can order online without picking up the phone...

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