Friday, May 12, 2006

Metal and Wood

I'm back to doing data entry -- had a brief break yesterday while I was getting the next book mailing together -- and I'm going through the Metal and Wood mediums today. All done with Mixed Media and Sculpture.

I've got mouse elbow. It's killing me. I'm going to have to start icing it, I swear. And no, that's not good yummy icing...

I've decided that artists, as a group, have terrible handwriting. And a lot of them have kind of, healthy... self esteem. ("I need a larger booth space than normal because our booth is always crowded. We should be on a corner so other artists won't get jealous.") And they usually tend to be the ones that have really horrid art. We got a lot of good submissions this year, but some of 'em...whew. Ugly. No, wait...fugly.

I'm trying to keep things in perspective though. I need to not get so whelmed and annoyed by it all. After all, if I were dealing with what Saundra is dealing with right now...yikes. My thoughts go out to her. I would be totally freaking out if anything like that happened to Tony. My biggest worry with him is just being able to get some time with him inbetween his trips. Which sucks, but doesn't suck like what she's dealing with.

Anyway, back to work. I have to go pick up dry cleaning and hit the Post Office after 4, so I've got a good 2 hours to plug away.

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