Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Outside Upside

I'm working outside today. It's mostly nice -- looks like it might rain, but I figured if I was going to be chained to my computer, I might as well enjoy the weather. Grace is hanging out with me too and she's enjoying it -- she likes to sit on the chairs under the table so she can see but no one can see her.

The garden is really coming along and the wildflower one has sprouted -- so the birds didn't get all of the seeds after all, the sneaky devils.

I got the YABC contest posted today (urk, a day late) and caught up on some of my email. Did a bit of work on the art show website and now...off to do some more getting the artists stuff ready for jurying.

Also helped clean out the laundry room a bit (Donna was here today -- she's the new lady I have helping me with the housework stuff I can't do). Fed the squirrels, fed the birds. I swear, they are eating more now than they did in winter. I don't get it.

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