Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Counting Down... Cinco, Quatro, Tres, Dos, Uno...

Counting down until Thursday, when we're off to Spain. This will be our first really real vacation since we moved--no work involved, though Tony is taking his laptop with him. I don't think I could talk him into leaving it if I tried.

I am leaving mine behind though. I need a break. Shoot, my elbow needs a break.

Tomorrow I'm going to stockpile a few more reviews and mail a shipment of prize books and then I'm gonna shut the sucker down.

Well, probably not. I'm sure I'll be checking e-mail until the last minute. But I can dream.

I've been doing some of the Spanish CD's -- I got through 3 of them today. It's helping me to remember some things, which is good. At least I can remember a lot of the vocabulario -- I just can't put it all together very easily. And now I've got Italian fighting it out with the Spanish in my head. What comes out is often not even Spanglish...more like Spanalianish. I'll probably wind up resorting to pointing and hand gestures, but I'll try. Hopefully that will count for something. And at least I can still read it fairly well!

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