Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Invisible Girl

We've been watching more movies lately (when Tony is actually home) on the "big screen", though mostly the one in the house, since it is so godawful hot outside right now. Not to mention the mosquitoes....

Anyway, the last two were Elizabethtown and The Fantastic Four. Not exactly movies you'd normally associate together, but they happened to be next to each other in my Netflix queue. Elizabethtown we wanted to see since it's set (technically) in a nearby town and Louisville is featured in it. Kinda funky to see stuff you see every day in a movie. Orlando Bloom is in it -- a very different kind of role for him. And he was very committed to it. The coolest part was the road trip Kirsten Dunst's character put together for him. Awesome road trip. I wanna go.

The Fantastic Four was better than I thought it would be. If I remember right, I don't think it got stellar reviews at the box office. But I actually enjoyed it. Jessica Alba (of Dark Angel fame) is the Invisible Woman (or girl, as her brother, the Human Torch, would have it). The best part though, might be the extras that include Stan Lee waxing excited on the whole experience. He's a guy that would be cool to meet.

I feel like the Invisible Woman sometimes myself lately, especially at home. The MIL almost never directs a question or a sentence to me and when I do speak, she invariably cannot hear me -- but instead of asking me what I said, she always turns to Tony for him to translate. "What did she say?" she asks him. Hello? I'm right here! And when she does talk to me, it nearly always seems to have something snide hidden in it (not that I think she does this on purpose (I hope) -- she's just always negative -- even when she's talking to Tony she's either completely doting on him or completely sniping at him) --lately, to me, it's been: "Boy, that kid that *you* hired sure did kill *Tony's* lawn," though it's *we* in both cases. And yes, darn it, I know he did. I don't need to be reminded again and again. (And yes, I realize that this is exactly the kind of stuff I'm not supposed to write in a blog. But oh well. That's what I get for not having any female friends close by. You can just pretend I'm invisible too. You never read this.)

*Sigh* Our poor lawn. We'd gotten it to a lovely green state, the kind of lawn you wanted to walk in barefoot and curl your toes in (which you couldn't do in Florida -- there'd be sand spurs waiting there for you). Now, it's green in parts, and scalped in others. Tom's son cut it way, way, way too short. I guess that's what you get for trying to do a favor for a friend -- his son needed some spending cash for the summer. We've been watering it every day, hoping for a comeback. I'm not sure what else to do with it.Maybe some fertilizer or something. Maybe some plugs, since it's looking like a dog that got into an argument with a hair trimmer and lost.

I dunno. Lately, I just don't really feel like doing anything. I just want to curl up in bed with a book or just...sleep. Sleep, perchance to dream. I'd go visit one of my sisters for a month, except for the kitties. Gracie is my teddy bear. A teddy bear with admittedly fishy breath and a very demanding attitude, but she's still quite cuddly when she wants to be. Even Harley is being a good cuddlebug.

The dreams though...been having those weird sci-fi-ish ones again lately. I need to keep a pad of paper by the bed so I can write them down a la Holly Lisle. Especially since I can't seem to remember them just a few minutes after waking up. I think the one last night had something to do with a penguin...or maybe a civet.

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Pamela Karr said...

I saw Elizabethtown. It was pretty good. You should come visit me since you are mobile. You can cuddle with the kitties while I am at work.