Friday, June 30, 2006

Isn't that just loverly?

We had a nice anniversary. My body managed to settle down (thank goodness), I guess it was the extra sleep that helped. Dinner at Lilly's was nice -- and it was fun watching all the other couples. Lots of first dates there, some going well, some going not so well. Body language is fun.

After dinner, we took a drive through the park and saw just an amazing number of fireflies. Thousands. It was really beautiful and hard to describe - I don't think words do it justice and I doubt if film could capture it. They were floating everywhere, decorating the trees like Christmas lights, settling down on the ground for an instant, then up again. Just beautiful.

We had a nice talk too, got a little maudlin and what not, but it was good.

9 years. Can't hardly believe it. Though really, almost 15. In August we'll have our "been together" anniversary.

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